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Criteria to Qualify an Art Material as Non-Toxic?

Color Swell carries non-toxic art supplies. Did you know the term ‘non-toxic’ is specifically excluded from legal definitions of art supplies?

Federal Law and Selling Art Supplies

There are very tight regulations to conform to in order to be able to sell art supplies. The Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website states that all art supplies “must be evaluated by a toxicologist for their potential to cause adverse chronic health effects.” That requirement applies to any seller or reseller who sells art supplies to customers in the United States.


The Term ‘Non Toxic’


Manufacturers are allowed to state that art supplies are non-toxic if the toxicologist provides non hazardous results.


The CPSC states, “The toxicologist who performs the chronic hazard review could provide data indicating that a substance does not pose a hazard."

Although there is no specific legal definition of ‘non-toxic’, Color Swell art materials are tested and analyzed by a licensed lab and toxicologist and proven to not be hazardous.


You Can Rely on Color Swell

The law is precise regarding manufacturer claims of non-toxicity. All art supplies from Color Swell art non-toxic and have been evaluated by a toxicologist.