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Colors of the Festive Season for Everyone - Fun with Crayons

In this blog post, based on 2021 dates, we will show you the colors of five different religious festivals. As an art project you can use Color Swell crayons, paints, and markers to make culture-appropriate paintings and art work.

JUDAISM - CHANUKAH - November 28 to December 6

An annual festival commemorating the rededication of the holy Temple. The colors used for this festival show up in a lot of Jewish celebrations - blue for divinity and eternity and white for purity and cleanliness.


Particularly celebrated by Dutch and Belgian people, Saint Nicholas is the original Santa Claus. In Europe they celebrate December 6 by exchanging presents too! He was famously fond of his red or dark green bishop’s robes.

BUDDISM - BODHI DAY - December 8

The Buddha, confronted by all the problems of humanity, vowed to sit under the Bodhi tree on December 8, where he meditated for 30 days until January 7. People string bright lights around the tree to celebrate his enlightenment. To help people celebrate this color, use dark greens and brightly colored beads strung around images of trees.

PAGAIN - YULE - 21st December

This ancient religion celebrates the birth of the rising sun on the shortest day of the year, the 21st December. Red, green and gold are important colors for Solstice. Gold is for the birth of the rising sun, green for the evergreen trees that hold their color in winter, and red for wealth and the red berries at that time of the year.

CHRISTMAS - 25th of December and 7th January (Orthodox)

Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Green is commonly held as an evergreen tree color, representing the eternal life of Christ, while red is attributed to the blood of Christ and his spell among mankind.

KWANZAA - December 26th to January 1st

A pan-African celebration of the first harvest of the year. People of African descent the world over celebrate the harvest with the following colors: Black is for the color of the skin of its peoples. Red represents their noble blood, and green the rich land of Africa.


Here at Color Swell we have customers from a riot of other cultures, including Hindus who celebrate Diwali in late November and Zoroastrians who mourn the death of their Prophet in mid December. Whatever your religion, we wish you a very restful holiday and the best for the New Year ahead!