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Color Swell Markers - Last To Dry Out?

We received this great email from a teacher in Florida and wanted to share with our customers and fans.  

"My 5th grade students conducted an experiment to find out which brand of washable markers would perform the best with the caps left off over a period of time. The brands we compared were Jot, Cra-Z-Art, Color Swell, and Crayola. We colored on chart paper and then left the caps off to test them again and again. We wanted to let you know because Color Swell won by a LOT. Your marker was the only one whose color shade did not get affected by the cap being left off and after 4 days of no cap on the marker, it was the only marker that would have been able to be used to color with. Crayola, to the students' surprise, stopped working after day 1. We thought that the results were pretty interesting, so we wanted to reach out and share them with you."

You can find Color Swell markers here.