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Color Swell Crayons – Candles, Multicolored Crayons and Suncatchers!


You don’t need to throw crayons away when they are small or broken. Here are three ways of using them until there’s nothing left!


#1 Candles 

You can make pretty candles with broken crayon pieces. In order to do this you will need: small glasses; candle wicks; plain wax; a microwave; and microwaveable cups.

First break the crayons into small pieces, removing the paper as you go. Use enough plain wax for a half inch on the bottom of each glass and microwave the wax in a microwaveable cup until it is liquid. Pour the wax into the glasses and add the wicks. Let it cool for a 10-15 minutes. Next, color by color, microwave the crayon wax in the microwaveable cups until it is liquid (2 minutes should do) and pour it into the candle glasses and let them cool for 10-15 minutes per layer. You will have stripey, pretty candles that you can light at special occasions!


#2 Multicolored circular crayons!

You can use the same or different used crayons again by melting them together in your oven! Get the following things together: muffin tins (nonstick will leave them shiny); baking parchment or cupcake liners if not using a nonstick tin; broken crayons (paper removed); and a home oven.

The possibilities are endless. What shape do you want? Big or small? Layered or single color?

Break the crayon pieces into small lumps, organizing them by color. Drop the pieces, layer by layer into the molds and bake them in the oven at 250 for about 10-20 minutes. Keep an eye on them – as soon as the top layer has melted it will be ready. Take them out of the oven and cool them either overnight or in a fridge or freezer. Pop them out and away you go!


#3 Suncatchers 

Suncatchers can be a fun decoration and show the light in all sorts of ways. The kids can do most of this themselves. Get the following together: old crayons, (paper removed); wax paper; crayon sharpener; clothes iron; and newspaper.

Switch on the clothes iron onto a low setting with no steam. Shave the crayons into tiny shavings using the crayon sharpener. Mix the colors as you like in small piles! 

Put a small layer onto some wax paper, laid on a sheet of newspaper. Put the other piece of wax paper over and overlay that with another piece of newspaper. Then you simply iron over the shaved crayons for a minute or two and leave them to cool for 10 minutes.

You can then cut the wax paper/crayon into shapes and make them into suncatchers!


Use bulk Color Swell crayons!

Have a look at the Color Swell bulk crayon range to see what you can use for art project and other fun projects like these!