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Color Swell Art Supplies Are Safe and Nontoxic

One of the things all kids do is put things in their mouths. Where it comes to paints, markers and crayons, you can be assured nearly every child will at some point taste what is supposed to go on the paper. Yes, they will discover it is yucky – but it should be safe too.

Regulations by the EPA still means that chemicals that go into children’s products may not have been tested.  That risk exists with art supplies as well – but not Color Swell art supplies!  


ASTM International

Color Swell's nontoxic art supplies are verifiably safe. Where stated, the chemicals used in our paints, crayons, markers and other products conform to the standards of ASTM International, a world leading industry standards organization that ensures that products that companies like us sell are safe.

Further, all Color Swell art supplies are voluntarily and separately tested by independent labs for safety and toxicity.

This all means that when we say that our nontoxic art supplies are nontoxic, we genuinely mean it!


Looking After You and Your Children

Color Swell knows that children don’t always do as they are told – the writer of this blog, in his mid 40s, can remember that weird flavor of the last marker and crayon he tasted even decades ago!  

Given the tight standards that we voluntarily meet with ASTM Internationalso that our customers can have peace of mind that your children’s use and exposure to our art supplies is safe.

This is yet another reason (safety, quality price) to buy your bulk art supplies from Color Swell!