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Best Uses for Color Swell Black Permanent Markers

Color Swell’s black permanent markers are useful for a variety of art projects, thanks to the marker ink's ability to bond to non-porous surfaces. Take a look at three different ways you can use Color Swell black permanent markers as part of your teaching and other fun projects.

Decorating Bowls

Plain food bowls can be a little dull can’t they? Using a permanent marker you can put your own bit of style to the outside of your favorite over-safe bowl. You could even do this with coffee cups for the family so no one does without their special cup!

After drawing your design on outside, from geometric patterns to flowers or something a little more involved, put them in the oven at 350 degrees F for an hour. This will cure the ink and make it stay on the plate or bowl even in the dishwasher after many washes.

Tee Shirts too?

Cotton tee shirts can be porous and therefore take the ink for almost anything you draw or paint on them.

You and your friends may be planning on a protest over a local issue and having a tee shirt with the right message can make an impact. For example, have one letter on each person's tee shirt that says: “S-A-V-E  O-U-R  A-R-T  B-U-D-G-E-T" to preserve art education in your local school district. 

Drawing on Walls!

In past journal posts at Color Swell we have published a few articles on how to remove marker pen marks from walls. But what if you wanted to do it deliberately?

Friendly tip: outline the design with pencil or something that can be removed/covered up before you start with the permanent marker.

Buy Your Permanent Markers from Color Swell Today

These project ideas can use a lot of markers, so it would be beneficial and save time and money by buying a bulk pack from Color Swell