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Best and Different Papers for Painting with Watercolor Paints

Watercolor paper is made in different ways and from different materials. In this post we will look at the different types of paper that you can use with your Color Swell watercolors.

First, let us look at the three essential methods of making paper: 

Hot Press paper is the most expensive and is used by artists for fine detail. It has a very smooth surface and is often the lightest grade of paper. This paper needs to be stretched before you set to work on it as it will deform when the paint dries. 

Cold Press paper is often used by beginners and children. This has a rougher surface than hot press paper but is cheaper, often used by people that are learning new techniques, and the most economical. 

Rough paper is is very absorbent and good for looser painting styles. It is usually a heavier weight so doesn’t require stretching as it won’t deform after it dries. 

What are the Materials that Commonly Compose Watercolor Paper?

The very best paper that is often used by professional artists is made from cotton. Pigments bind to it well and don’t fade over time. 

Wood pulp (sometimes known as ‘woodfree’) is cheaper and consists of chemically treated wood pulp that has had its lignin removed. Pigments fade faster over time on it but it is good for someone learning to use the medium. 

Different Paper for Different People

You can see that an artist planning to advance their skills to the next level may use a cotton based hot press paper for their fine pieces of art. Children and new watercolor artists will get by comfortably using a wood pulp, cold press paper. 

Now that you have learned a little about the methods and materials that are used to maker watercolor paper, do not forget to take a look at Color Swell watercolor paints! The watercolors are non-toxic and high quality. Color Swell bulk watercolors are the favored watercolors for thousands of our happy customers.