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Benefits of Individual Boxes for Art Supplies Versus Open Class Packs

When buying bulk art supplies you may find other vendors selling open "class packs". Why should you choose your art supplies in individual boxes (as we sell here at Color Swell)? In this blog post we will look at the benefits of choosing bulk art supplies in individual boxes over an open class pack.

Everyone Gets the Same

Individual boxes makes distribution and clean-up more uniform and orderly.  With class packs, you will spend more time counting for even distribution at the start of the session and counting at the end of the session to be sure that all supplies are returned.  Distribution and counting are much easier in individual boxes. 

Controlling Numbers

Be sure everyone gets the same count of their art supplies. It also makes it easier to monitor the use of those art supplies so that they may be used more evenly. That practice will give you better visibility to know when to order a new bulk pack, as you can more easily judge from what you already have in-stock when you need to make the purchase. You can be efficient with your purchasing and never overstock.

Packing and Stacking Neatly

Instead of having one large box for all of the supplies - and those art supplies loosely packed in the box - you get to pack away and store the individual boxes neatly. That makes your cupboard far easier to manage. Everyone likes a neat cupboard, right?!


Safety and Loss

A neatly packed storage area means that the supplies are less likely to fall out, which decreases the chances for "slipping on a pencil" as well as losing supplies. 

Buy Color Swell Bulk Art Supplies!

With these concepts in mind, you can see why choosing Color Swell individually-boxed bulk art supplies makes sense, from an organizational, safety, and financial point of view. We pride ourselves in selling high quality, competitively priced bulk art supplies for your organization. Buy your bulk art supplies from us today!