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Art Themed Parties

There are a host of reasons to have an art-based children’s party, whether it is be based on popular characters or simply as a "chill out zone" at a regular party.   

Theme Party

Have party based on the current must-see movie in theaters and have your guests draw their favorite characters. Or have a nature-themed party and the guests can draw trees and plants and animals. The guests can also dress up in the chosen theme.   

Look at Color Swell coloring pages or look around online for coloring books that you can offer to your guests.

Chill Out Zone

Keep a stock of mixed art supplies is for a chill out zone at any type of party. An art zone can be used to entertain, distract, and calm down the younger guests. 


Bring out everyone’s competitive instinct and offer a range of prizes for different skills. will

Who can do the neatest coloring?

Who can do the best picture from a blank page?

Who’s made the most imaginative picture?

A prize could be offered for different age groups too

Be sure to have a stock of Color Swell art supply gifts for the winners!

The Pitch! 

Color Swell offers bulk art supplies that suit different age groups, from the young (such as crayons) to older kids (such as colored pencils).