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Art Project: Collage Landscapes

We love to look at great ideas for home art projects. Let’s look at collage landscapes.

What is a Collage Landscape?

A collage landscape is a piece of paper on which you place or glue objects to get a textured image of a landscape. This might include cotton balls for clouds, blue paper for sea, leaves for trees and even buttons for wheels on a car.


Let your imagination run! You could take the children out into the woods to collect a handful of twigs and leaves for the project as part of the activity.

What can you find around your home? By cutting out colored elements that stand out, magazines can be a great source. At home you may also find cotton balls, old pieces of fabric, sewing string, buttons, and more.

Do have some colored paper of different types to hand – tissue paper is good, but so is heavier, textured paper.

Putting It All Together

For a collage landscape it is best to use a long piece of paper. You can tape two pieces of 8.5"x11" paper end-to-end or use a longer piece that is cut from a paper roll. Remember that the background paper does not need to be white. 

Cut the colored paper into the appropriate shapes – an oblong for a skyscraper for example, or a blue oval for a lake.

Lay out the objects and paper on the paper before applying any glue. Then glue the pieces when ready and let the glue dry.    

Then draw or paint on the paper. It is up to your imagination!

Using Technology

Traditionally the objects are glued to the paper, but with smartphones this is no longer necessary because you can just take a picture with your smart phone. If you don’t glue it all down the materials then it can be reused for another artwork, class, or playtime.

A lot of the fun of a collage landscape is the textures and that would be lost in a photograph. 

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