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Advice for Someone that is New to Watercolors

Watercolors can be scary to the uninitiated. Here are five tips for having fun with Color Swell watercolors.

Dive in!

Start with no preconceptions. Simply drop your biases and fear and just get started and have fun!

Be like a three-year-old Turner and don’t worry about being a grand master.

Choose Colors

Watercolors lend themselves well to blending. 

Start with a Color Swell 8-color packs or a 16-color pack, which offer different hues and degrees of warmth. With some experimentation you will become more comfortable with mixing and blending.


See our previous post about range of brushes you can use in watercoloring, such as a narrow tipped brush for detail and a wider tipper brush for washes. Select the right brushes to mess around with and develop your technique.

Water and Pigment

See our previous post about experimenting with water/pigment mixes.

Enjoy Yourself 

With few exceptions most Artists will not make money from their art. Rather, they are doing it for fun and creativity.

If you do become successful with your watercolors, please do not forget to mention Color Swell in your acceptance speech!