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A Look at Tempera Paints

Color Swell sells a range of art supplies, including watercolors, crayons, and paints. This post takes a look at tempera paints and the many uses of these dynamic and colorful paints! 

A Brief History of Tempera Paints

There are three essential elements of a paint - the pigment, binder, and solvent. One of the best binders is egg yolk. Professional artists have been using egg yolks as a binder for nearly 500 years, which is also the basis for the tempera paint that are used even today. 

Color Swell tempera paints use a non-toxic binding agent with non-toxic pigments.  

Best Surfaces for Tempera Paint

Unlike watercolors, tempera paint can attach itself to things like glass, plaster, and even plastic. This makes it ideal for class projects on a variety of surfaces and to explore different painting techniques beyond the limits of watercolor. Tempera paints dry very quickly too. 

Another great thing about tempera paint is that it can easily be washed off a hard surface. If you were to paint sunsets on a glass to shine light through it then after a time the glass can be re-used for other purposes. 

Paint Mixing

Tempera paint is excellent for color mixing so you can show your students or little ones which color combinations make which colors. You can do this on the pallet or on the paper. This can be a fun and messy lesson as kids explore what new colors they can make with the primary red, green, and blue colors. 

Buy Tempera Paints from Color Swell!

Color Swell offers tempera paints and watercolors (in bulk and small packs). Color Swell tempera paints and watercolors are non-toxic and easily washed off most surfaces. Click here for more information on Color Swell tempera paints and watercolors!