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A Guide to Donating Art Supplies

Sometime when you buy bulk art supplies you have some leftovers. Have you thought of donating your art supplies to groups that may need them?


Places to Donate Art Supplies – Community Organizations

As a first step you should consider local community organizations that may need them. As long as there is some good life in them, preschools, women’s shelters and community centers will often welcome a donation of Color Swell markers, crayons, paints and so on. They may lack the budget for such things to keep children’s busy hands occupied – and would be happy to take such an offer from you or your organization.

In these cases, it is only a matter of picking up the phone and making an offer! You may have a large box of them that could keep the children that use these centers happy for months to come!


Places to Donate Art Supplies – Churches and schools

Sadly not all public schools are created equal. In low income districts their budgets may be stretched to the point that they can’t meet the essential needs of their students, let alone art supplies. As with the community resources above, if you have some reasonable quality new or lightly used bulk art supplies, then do consider offering them to your local public school.

Though some churches, mosques, and synagogues may have big budgets and offer the very best for their congregations, other Houses of God aren’t so well-to-do. Like the schools in low income districts, they serve the community just as dutifully as those in better off areas.

In both of these cases, it may just be a case of someone picking up the phone or sending an email to them to make them an offer. You never know – someone may have even prayed for your call!


Buy Bulk Art Supplies from Color Swell today!

Whatever your reason for buying bulk art supplies from Color Swell, there is often someone who can use them (whether they're new and bought for a donation or leftover from your own projects). Your community at large would do well to use these art supplies. That means everyone can benefit!