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7 Ideas for Displaying Your Kids’ Artwork (But Not the Fridge)

We all love to display their artwork. It doesn’t just have to go on the fridge though! Here we will look at seven ideas as to how to display their artwork in ways that everyone can appreciate.


The first ideas here are for the originals. In the next section we will look at digital versions.

Clipping to Strings

If you run some lengths of string between picture hangers on the wall you can hang the artwork in much the way you would your laundry outside.

Have fun with it by decorating the clothes pegs and perhaps have a few rows along the wall. You can even decorate the string! As their portfolio grows, replace the works or just add more rows on the wall.

Clip Frames

For the best artwork you can buy a board clip frame to hang on your wall in the way you would a family photo. These come in a variety of sizes from the very small to the very large, and you can rotate the artwork as their portfolio develops.

Photo Album

Good old fashioned photo albums can be used as a way of keeping and protecting your kids’ art through the years. They can be an archive of those pictures you hang on the wall or something you return to on special occasions.


Digital Means of Keeping Your Kids’ Artwork

The next four ideas will require a scanner or for you to take a photo with your smartphone to digitize the images.


You can engage your kids by working on your laptop on this, putting a collage of their artwork together on your PC, laptop or tablet. You can then print it out to hang on the wall as above or send it off to be printed.


Whether one stand out piece or as a collage above, you can get the images printed on canvas - this can be done on 36 inch canvases for less than $100.

Cushions and Coffee Cups

The same companies that offer prints on canvas can often print on a range of other media, including cushions, coffee cups and even tee shirts! Expect to pay no more than $20 for a smaller print though you can (as ever) spend as much as you like!

Digital Photo Frame

A gadget that emerged in the early 2000s, they are still around today. With an SD card they can scroll through a number of images. Expect to pay around $100 for a 12 inch frame.

Make Sure they Do their Art using Color Swell!


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