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5 Ways a Brush Can Improve Your Coloring With Markers

Here’s a thought! You can use a wet brush to augment the coloring and drawing you do with the bulk marker packs that you buy from Color Swell. This can achieve a range of results that can add fun to your artwork.

Markers are great for drawing shapes. One of the things they aren’t so good at its shading. This is why using a wet brush with a marker can achieve unexpected results. From the simple-to-the-more-advanced, let’s look at how brushwork can make markers a little more nuanced and fun.


#1 Lightening the edges of a shape. Using the marker pen you draw a shape - perhaps a square or oblong. With a wet brush, stroke over the markings and see how it moves some of the pigment.

#2 Draw another shape over the original shape in a different color. Ease the marker ink pigment off the original marker line to blend that.

#3 Can you blend the colors using the brush to perhaps take a blue and a green mark and turn them into a sea-green? This will allow a relatively limited range of primary colors to become a much wider pallet in much the same way as you would mix paints.

#4 What if you were to use the wet brush with no marker ink on the paper to dampen it? When you then use the marker pen it will provide a darker center line but the pigment will creep to the edge of the water markings, achieving another means of blending the inks.

#5 Use the marker on a piece of white plastic. See how it beads but does not bind? Use the brush to pick up the ink and use it on the paper.


What can you achieve with these?

In using the five ideas above you can broaden the reach of the bulk marker packs you use from Color Swell to bring about a whole new way of getting creative. A little creativity using these little ideas could bring about completely different results than simply using watercolors or markers on their own!